1. All funerals will be according to the Canons of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church.
  2. A date shall be set for the funeral in consultation with the Pastor.
  3. Before any Priest other than the resident Pastor is engaged, the resident Pastor must be consulted. All expenses of the visiting Priest(s), travel, lodging, food and whatever gift of money one would like to give, is borne by the family having the funeral.
  4. The customary donation to the church is $300 (for church dues-paying members in good standing) or $500 for (non-members). An honorarium to the priest is at the discretion of the family.
  5. The Deacon and Organist are essential to assist at the service. The donation for each is generally $75. Of course, if one is financially unable, all suggested donations may be waived.

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