It is customary in the Armenian Church to provide Yughakin especially around the feasts of Christmas and Easter. This practice dates as far back as the time of Moses in the Old Testament.What does this custom mean and how does it affect us? Yughakin in Armenian means “price of oil” ~ “Yugh” meaning oil and “kin” meaning price. Each local church community would donate money specially earmarked towards the purchase of oil, which in return would keep the lanterns burning and ultimately the doors open of the church. Of course, today we do not have oil-burning lanterns in church; however, we do have gas heat, electricity and other essential operating expenses.
As we celebrate the birth (Christmas) and resurrection (Easter) of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, let us remember and continue in the custom of Yughakin, so we can keep our “oil-burning lanterns” always burning and our doors always open at St. Peter Armenian Church.