What better way to glorify God than to praise Him through the glorious music of our Holy Badarak? Have you ever thought of this? We essentially sing the same hymns every week, yet we never get tired of it! Could it be that Jesus Christ Himself, through the Holy Spirit, inspired Yegmalian to compose such beautiful music? And those of you who think our service is “too long,” why not try singing with us, either by joining the Choir or in the congregation? You’ll be amazed at how quickly the time flies by! Participation is the key. God doesn’t care whether or not you have a beautiful voice and neither do we. All we ask is that you not be tone deaf! So come and join us as we lift our voices in the timeless music of our Holy Badarak. You’ll be glad you did!

New singers are always welcome. Questions and comments about the choir are always welcome and appreciated and can be directed to Rafi at (518) 272-2000 or (518) 810-5018 or by e-mail at