Armenian Church Youth Organization of America

Here at St. Peter Armenian Church, we have both a Junior (12-17) and Senior (18-25) chapter. Our Juniors meet more regularly and are assisted by our Seniors when necessary. Some of our local annual and popular events include hosting the Palm Sunday luncheon, and collecting and distributing gifts to those less fortunate around the Christmas season..custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

The ACYOA is a Christ-centered organization whose goal is to create, among teenagers and young adults, a greater sense of spiritual culture and tradition and to instill within its members a true spirit of civic mindedness.

The purpose and role of the ACYOA, in the context of the Diocese of the Armenian Church, is vital importance, as it is charged with preparing and equipping young adults to participate in leadership capacities.



On a national level, the Juniors have regional retreats and two sports weekends per year where youth from throughout the Eastern Diocese gather to enjoy Christian fellowship. On a Senior level, leadership programs, sports weekends and conventions are held with the same purpose.

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