The Parish Council will provide assistance to interested members and friends of St. Peter Church who are seeking information on how they can support the church through bequests.

A will is one of the most common ways to make charitable bequests to the church. A will is a legal instrument by which you can specify how all the real and personal property you own is to be distributed upon your death. Since it is a legal document, a will should be prepared with the assistance of an attorney to insure that it meets the requirements of state law.

A charitable bequest can be in the form of a specific piece of property or a specified amount of money or specific percent of one’s estate. Including a bequest in your will can enable you to make a gift to the church while still retaining your assets during your lifetime. It will also reduce any state and federal taxes on your estate. You can also designate that your gift be used for a specific purpose in the church or to establish a memorial endowment fund.

It is important that you notify the Parish Council through the church office if you intend to include St. Peter Armenian Church in your will or if you have already done so to make sure that your wishes are clearly understood.

If you have any questions at all please contact us.