Divine Liturgy:

Divine Liturgy is celebrated every Sunday morning beginning at 10:00 a.m. Please participate in the Divine Liturgy by using the Divine Liturgy books that are found in the pews. These books contain the Armenian text as well as the English transliteration and translation. Parishioners are encouraged to participate by singing the hymns of the Badarak.

Liturgical Hymns:

Members of the congregation are encouraged to actively participate in the worship service by joining in the singing of the liturgical hymns and responses by the choir during the Badarak. Books containing both a transliteration and a translation into English of the Armenian text of the Divine Liturgy are available in the pews for your use. Please be sure to replace the books in the pew racks when you have finished using them.

Holy Communion:

Attention Ladies! Before receiving Holy Communion, please remove your lipstick. Also, veils are available for those who wish to wear one during Communion. Please see a Parish Council member to receive a veil. After services, please return it to the Parish Council table.

The Kiss of Peace ~ Voghchooyn:

After the transfer of the Gifts (Eucharist) on pages 23-27 in the Divine Liturgy book, when the Parish Council members pass the Kiss of Peace saying Krisdos ee mech mer Haydnetsav (Christ is revealed among us), the response from the recipient should be Orhnial he Haidnootyunn Krisdose (Blessed is the revelation of Christ).

Requiem services (Hokehankist):

Hokehankist is scheduled on the first Sunday of the month, unless a 40-Day Memorial (Karasoonk) is needed. Please keep this in mind when planning requiem services for your loved ones. Contact the Church office to make the necessary arrangements.

Altar Flowers & Altar Candles:

One way to celebrate the life of a loved family member or a friend is to donate either altar flowers or candles for the Divine Liturgy. This can be for a name day, birthday, anniversary or on the occasion of a requiem (Hokehankist). You can donate Altar Flowers or Candles by clicking here, or please contact the Church office to make the necessary arrangements.

“Gift of Prayer” Ministry:

St. Peter Armenian Church “Gift of Prayer” cards will provide an avenue for our parishioners and friends to have prayers offered through the church for any occasion. Your prayer requests will be specially remembered upon the Holy Altar of God during the Sunday Divine Liturgy (Badarak). Both the person making the prayer request, as well as the people we are praying for, will be remembered. A beautiful “Gift of Prayer” card will be sent out to the person(s) as an acknowledgment of your prayer request. Over the years, we have received many phone calls for a variety of prayer requests and now, the “Gift of Prayer” ministry will offer the church a formal and organized means for this to take place. To request the Gift of Prayer, click here.

Fellowship Hour:

On most Sundays following Church services, there is a fellowship hour in the Gdanian Auditorium (church hall). If you, or a member of your family, are celebrating a special event (birthday, anniversary, promotion, retirement, etc.), why not share the joy with your Church family by donating refreshments for the fellowship hour. You might also wish to do this in memory of a loved one, as a thanksgiving, or just in “fellowship.” Please contact the Church office to make the necessary arrangements.