*Please keep in mind! When planning that special event — wedding or baptism, please check with the Church office and/or the Parish Priest FIRST. Before you book a hall or make reservations at a restaurant, it is imperative that you make sure the Priest and the Church are available for performing the sacrament.
  1. A date shall be set for the baptism in joint consultation with the Pastor.
  2. All baptisms will be according to the canons of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church.
  3. All donations are the responsibility of the persons involved. The customary donation to the Church is $200 (for church dues-paying members in good standing) or $300 (for non-members). The Deacon is essential to assist at the Sacrament. His donation is generally $75. An honorarium to the priest is at the discretion of the family. Of course, if one is financially unable, all suggested donations may be waived.
  4. Before any Priest other than the Pastor is engaged, the Pastor must be consulted. All expenses of the visiting Priest(s), travel, lodging, food and whatever gift of money one would like to give, is borne by the family involved.
  5. At least one Godparent of the child should be a baptized and chrismated Christian in the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. If the other Godparent has not been baptized in the Armenian Church, they should be a baptized Christian in a Catholic, Orthodox, or a mainline Protestant Church baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity.
  6. Items needed:
    A. One or two large white towels
    B. A WHITE outfit to be worn AFTER Chrismation
    C. A chain and cross for the Neophyte (newly baptized)
    A. Instruction in the meaning of baptism and chrismation
    B. One or two white towels
    C. A chain and cross for the Neophyte (newly baptized)
  7. ‘Infant’ and ‘Adult’ will be determined by each specific case.
  8. Photographs may be taken at any time during the ceremony. Caution should be used by the photographer not to blind the eyes of the Priest, Deacon, or any other member of the baptismal party. At NO time or for any reason will the photographer ascend the steps to the Altar or be on the platform surrounding the Altar.
  9. Baptism is a public service and no person may be excluded from the Church, except where the invited list approximates the seating capacity.

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