A pledge is a personal commitment, in addition to or besides Membership Dues, to support the mission and goal of St. Peter Armenian Church. Paying Membership Dues is important; however, we ask that you be as generous as possible in your “Stewardship Pledge for 2012″ as well. ALL the monies given through that “pledge” go toward the continued operation of the St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church parish. Your Stewardship Pledge may be offered in addition to Membership Dues or by itself if one chooses not to be a member of St. Peter Armenian Church but would still like to commit to the financial support of the parish. Pledge monies will be used to offset our growing annual budget which represents our church’s growth and expanding programs, as well as rising costs.

* If you do not wish to submit your Membership Dues online you may print out the Stewardship Pledge form, and then mail it to the Church.