As we approach the close of the 2017 Eastertide season — a 40-day time of newness — a new death and new life that is only found in the belief of our resurrected Jesus Christ, I find a new hope.

Death surrounded me when my Mom left this earth to begin another chapter of her life, resting in the arms of our Heavenly Father. I would be lost and hopeless if my foundation (and my Mom’s foundation) was not placed in our Resurrected Lord.

With that faith in God, and His saving Son, and powerful Holy Spirit, I was able to grieve my mother’s loss. And through Him, feel light in one of my darkest hours, see a flower blossom from her dirt-filled grave, find an encompassing peace in the midst of great turmoil, find God in the loneliness of feeling alone, and to find hope in my most despairing time.

Though I try to put into words the profound meaning of faith and belief in our Lord and Saviour, I really find myself unable to fully describe what faith has meant to me in my life. Faith is what I try to share, preach, embody and live, though certainly there are times where I am devoid of it, God’s grace fills the space and cracks within me, when I am in most need of Him.

I thank our loving, compassionate, and merciful God from the depths of my being. And I thank God that He gave me a beautiful, faith-filled Mommy and Daddy.

I pray that you also have that saving and life-giving faith! If not, I pray for you now that you seek the revelation of God.

Christ is Risen from the dead! Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ.
Krisdos haryav ee Merelots! Orhnyal he Haroutiunn Kirstosee.