The Armenian Church invites you THIS Sunday (and every Sunday) to participate in the Divine Liturgy. The liturgy highlights the breaking of bread in the Body and Blood of Christ. It’s an opportunity to commune together in Jesus Christ through the Holy Chalice. This is offered THIS Sunday and every Sunday thereafter. There is solace to be found in this consistency.

Words that contradict consistency, such as “repeal, replace, overturn, abolish, and reverse,” have been in the forefront of our country’s political hot climate. It is those very words that challenge the liturgical experience of “consistency,” in which God provides us through the vessel of the Armenian Church.

Words that rarely get the spotlight and attention they truly deserve are found in the New Testament. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

In a climate of volatility, uncertainty, and the unknown, our Lord once again speaks to us and provides us with guidance and direction we so desperately need. Reassuringly, Christ’s consistent words are available for us in the Armenian Church THIS Sunday.

The Armenian Church is like a train that has enough seats for everyone — seats for the saints, sinners, hypocrites, and the righteous. There are no first class seats, business class seats, or reserved seats, just plenty of room for all. No prior reservations needed! The liturgy is a celebration of peace, hope, reconciliation, and love. It’s a reflection of God’s Heavenly Kingdom. This is an image we all need to have in the forefront of our lives this day and THIS Sunday.

The seats of this train (the Armenian Church) are made up of so many and diverse individuals. They are immigrants, generations of American-Armenians, Middle Eastern-Armenians, Armenia-Armenians, refugee-Armenians, and non-Armenians. On any given Sunday, this ‘train’ represents a mosaic of Armenians coming together to pray to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who always remains the same.

So THIS Sunday, whether you realize it or not, we all need the consistency of Jesus, so let’s all hop on board the “Divine Liturgy Express.” Embrace its open seating policy. It is for all — Independents, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, and Liberals!

The “Divine Liturgy Express” is similar to the train that Mr. Springsteen describes in his song, Land of Hope and Dreams.

This train carries saints and sinners

This train carries losers and winners
This train carries whores and gamblers
This train carries lost souls

I said, this train carries broken-hearted
This train, thieves and sweet souls departed
This train carries fools and kings thrown
This train, all aboard
This train, faith will be rewarded

My prayer today is that you come to the Divine Liturgy THIS Sunday and bring with you your joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams, burdens and challenges, and place them before the Altar of God. It will be the Chalice of Christ that will bring unity and allow us to commune together.

See you THIS Sunday.