I am sure that the majority of us are excited by the warm, sunny and pleasant days we have been granted lately. Summer begins in just 2 days! We certainly do deserve it after such a rough winter! We count our blessings this spring and summer and are thankful that those tough days of cold and snow, more cold, and even more cold days are now behind us.

So what plans do you have this summer? How will you enjoy the blessings of the warmth, longer days and sunlight? Whatever plans you have whether locally or from a far, you take time to slow down, relax and enjoy.

I hope that part of your summer plan is to not forget about your Church during the summer months. There is no vacation from our worship and Badarak (Divine Liturgy)

There is a need to give thanks to God each week in His Holy House.

For those who traditionally take off during the summer months, or for those that don’t attend church regularly, why don’t you try to make an effort to attend worship services and together, as a faithful community, we can pray for all of our needs and desires while giving praise to God for all our joys and blessings.

Here is a pretty simple 4-step proposition:

1) Make the decision to come to church.

2) Mark your calendar for a particular Sunday (set your alarms).

3) Make the commitment to God in your heart, mind and body.

4) Follow through on that commitment and come to church.

That is rather easy, isn’t it? I know, I know – it is easier when it’s on paper. Please understand that I am rooting for you and am  encouraging you to make an honest effort.

I look forward to seeing you one of these Sundays!! Until then -May the blessings of the Lord be upon you and yours.