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The St. Peter Armenian Church Parish Council has created a “Wish List” of items that are needed and/or desired throughout the church. To purchase these items would be beyond the general operating budget of the church; therefore, we ask individuals within our church community to consider choosing an item or items that they would be willing to purchase or contribute toward. Gifts can be monetary or material, but we ask that you contact the church office prior to making any purchase to be sure that the item meets the specific needs of the church.

For information on how to donate to any Wish List item, please contact the church office.

This list (revised March 2018) will be updated regularly as more needs are discovered. All prices are estimated purchase value.

  • Pavilion Project Phase II:
  • –Picnic Tables ~ $1,800 each w/engraved plaque (only 2 available)
  • –Storage & Restroom Facility;
  • –Outdoor Cooking Area Roof/Cover
  • Outdoor Playground ~ $15,000
  • Main Entrance / Vestibule Restoration ~ The main purchase for this project would be new FRONT DOORS to the church. Additionally, the Parish Council is seeking monetary donations to purchase furnishings for the vestibule/narthex areas.
  • Front Walk Refinished (price is being investigated)  The concrete walkway and brickwork near the entrance of the church needs to be redone.  This may be accomplished with a “Name-a-Brick” project.
  • Brick Resealing $5,500 The brick walls of the church need repair and protective sealing.
  • Electric Piano for Gdanian Auditorium ~ $2,500 (Model and pricing still under investigation.)
  • Oil Paintings Restoration:
  • –Christ on the Cross ~ $500-$600;
  • –Center Altar, Madonna & Child ~ $700-$800;
  • –Christ on the Cross (larger) ~ $1,000-$1,200;
  • –After the Resurrection ~ $500-$600;
  • –Madonna & Child ~ $350-$400

For information on how to donate to any Wish List item, please contact the church office.